7 Month, Ghost Festival 2019

  • 1-29 August 2019
  • 7.00pm
  • 487 Sims Avenue Singapore 387559

event description

The  7 month of the lunar calendar is the month of the hungry ghost festival, (also known as Zhong Yuan Jie in Chinese).

According to traditional customs, most chinese believe in the afterlife where the dead is living in the afterworld. However, this month is where the dead is out to roam the earth. It is believed that these ‘ghosts’ have similar needs to the living,  and offerings are burnt to send appreciation and gratitude to the departed souls. 

Friends of Master Tay would gather for the 7 month and make offerings on a specific date when the ‘ghost gates’ are open. Various offerings are made such as stacks of hell money, paper offerings, personalised cars, accessories etc. These items are burned by relatives to appease their deceased family members—taking care of their material needs even in the afterlife.

Offering Packages or personalised offerings can be purchased at Master Tay’s shop, Fortune Resource Centre, to save the hassle of getting these items on your own elsewhere. Food is also catered for visitors who come to the event after working hours.

Stay tune for the next 7 month offering event.

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