Residential Fengshui

Residential Fengshui is all about achieving harmony and good balance at home. This includes onsite visit and a detail analysis of your home.

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Commercial Fengshui

Apart from having good Fengshui in your home, your workplace is another essential place where you can enhance your energy.

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Ba Zi Analysis

Ba Zi (八字) helps derive your strengths & weaknesses based on the Five Element components.

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Auspicious Date Selection

Master Tay can help you secure a date for your special occasion or event.

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Auspicious Name Selection

Selecting a good chinese name for yourself or your child can help boost confidence and harmony.

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Life Analysis

From Bazi, Qi Men Dun Jia to Zi Wei Dou Shu, Master Tay is able to provide you with detailed in-depth anlaysis of your life.

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Online Fengshui Consultation

Master Tay also provides off-site consultations through platforms like Whatsapp or Skype to reach out to our clients.

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Overseas Fengshui Consultation

Master Tay’s fengshui consultation services do not limit to just based in Singapore, he caters to overseas as well.

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