Ba Zi Analysis

Ba Zi (八字), also known as Four Pillars of Destiny is from a Chinese dynastic phrase called Shēng Chén Bā Zì dated 10,000 years back during the Tang Dynasty. These are commonly used in some fortune telling methodologies & system such as the Five Elements ‘Wu Xing’, Zi Wei Dou Shu & Qi Men Dun Jia and more. It is based on the alignment of blocks of time with reference to the Chinese almanac since then.

Ba Zi helps derive your strengths & weaknesses based on the Five Element components. Through unraveling the birth date coding, Master Tay will explain how the characters on the five elements in the cosmic energy field can affect our life. By understanding the current strength & weaknesses of an individual, your luck cycle, potential and direction in life can be improved through harmonisation of weak energy & minimising bad energy.

Ba Zi Analysis – Understanding your strength and weakness to wealth and fortune
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