Commercial Fengshui

Apart from having good Fengshui in your home, your workplace is another essential place where you can enhance your energy. Commercial Fengshui ranges from a small office room/cubicle to an entire office/retail space. This includes corporate offices, banks, commercial complexes, shops, hawker stalls, retails, showrooms, hotel resorts, restaurants, educational institutes, entertainment centres, hospitals and health centres etc.

Master Tay will make onsite visits to help enhance the ‘Qi’ energy at your desk/office space. By having a harmonious working environment, it will boost productivity, allowing you or your employees to work more effectively, bringing the business more opportunities and fortune. Master Tay will make recommendations to your workplace which includes adjustments to your furniture or adding elements to your existing interior.

Commercial Fengshui – creating a harmonious condusive environment for you to work in 
(Onsite Visit or Skype/Whatsapp consultation available)

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