Overseas Fengshui Consultation

Master Tay’s fengshui consultation services do not limit to just based in Singapore. He also caters to overseas fengshui consultation, be it commercial or residential fengshui. He believes that fengshui does not limit to any specific race, nationality or religion, it is a universal tool which can benefit people across different cultures.Hence, his clients are ranged across various countries from Australia, China and UK.

Master Tay can personally conduct fengshui consultations outside of Singapore through either online communication through Whatsapp/Skype or travel down to the respective location upon having travel or accommodation expenses being taken care of by the client. Feel free to drop him a note for more information.

Overseas Consultation – Crossing borders to assist you
(Onsite Visit or Skype/Whatsapp consultation available)

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Contact us at +65 90028882 or drop us an email at master.richardtay@gmail.com and we will get back to you shortly.

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