Residential Fengshui

Residential Fengshui is all about achieving harmony and good balance at home. This includes onsite visit and a detail analysis of your home. Master Tay will analyse the interior and the surrounding of your home through ‘Bazi ‘ readings and balamce out 5 elements of ‘Qi’ that best suit the members of your family. By achieving a good balance in your home, it will help each individual enjoy best benefits of luck, career, romance, academic or health etc.

In Fortune Resources Centre, Master Richard Tay does not believe in buying expensive Fengshui items to help boost one’s ‘Qi’  but rather encourage more on natural products such as plants, crystals, water, lights, sound, wind flow for your home.

As our clientele base is very diversified from various race, religion, countries, Master Tay is confident in implementing a Fengshui which best fit your family and your ideal home.

Residential Fengshui – creating a harmonious environment for you and your family
(Onsite Visit or Skype/Whatsapp consultation available)

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