Children Luck Enhancement

Richard Tay

There are a few ways to enhance fertility through fengshui. If you are eager to conceive children, besides the need to have healthy bodies, there are few things which could help boost your children luck.

Place a Guan Yin statue in your  master bedroom

‘Guan Yin’ is known as the goddess of fertility in Feng Shui. Most ‘Guan Yin’ are in white, symbolising the metal element in fengshui, associating her with children. She often emits a motherly figure, providing assurance, calming and positive energy. By placing her in your bedroom, it will further enhancing fertility energy, increasing your chance of having kids. It is also good to have if you have kids at home.

Enhance your ‘Children Sector’

In fengshui, we often look at the ‘Bagua’ System. The ‘Bagua’ has eight symbols used in Taoist cosmology. The ‘Children Sector’ refers to the center-right part of your space as shown in the diagram.

To maintain a conducive environment for your ‘children sector’ you have to first keep it clean with positive vibes by clearing clutter, keep the areas around your bedroom clean (especially under your bed) and letting go of objects that keep you tied to the past. By doing so it helps to welcome good chi to enhance your fertility.

Touch the ‘100 children’ chinese painting or place it in your home

The ‘100 children’ chinese painting shows 100 kids happily at play by the yard. This symoblises a successful family filled with plenty of offsprings. By placing this painting at the west corner of the master bedroom or just simply touching and wish upon it, it is known to have a positive effect for couples who have difficulty conceiving. This also helps cultivate harmony in the family, bringing good fortune, prosperity.

One of Master Tay’s client, Casper & his wife who gotten the baby after touching one of the kid in the 100 kids chinese painting.