Medicine Buddha Birthday 2019

event description

We celebrated the birthday of Medicine Buddha ( Wishing & Healing Buddha) on 27/10. Blessings for car old or new Recharge of pendent or Initiating light into fengshui artifacts.

Individual will be taught a short medicine buddha mantra to chant as you go round the altar 7 times with candles to pray for buddha to grant you your wish. Eliminating all evils or ill luck as you rotate clockwise 7 times.

Water (bowl of water) & Fire ( candles) offerings by devotees on this day symbolize unconditional givings , elimination ill karma , cleansing of oneself so as to enhance with good luck to achieve monetary , health , spiritual objectives.

Medicine Buddha Vows :

  • Eliminating of illness sufferings
  • To relieve the destitute & sick
  • To Heal being born with deformities , all kind of illness or any physical sufferings
  • To grant sentient beings with whatever materialistic needs that they require including Wealth etc

Devotees can donate according to their own will.

Ritual includes:

  • Offerings of fire light up candle make wish and go round the medicine buddha 7 rounds clockwise chanting the mantra
  • Offerings of water if u bring mineral water if not can just pour water into the plastic bowl provided from my water container and kneel make offerings of repentance to the buddha and go round 7 times clockwise
  • Offerings of flowers to the buddha
  • Sponsor of buddha bring down buddha statue from shelves bathe with flower water and offer flowers garland and place back on shelf
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