Jade Emperor Luck Enhancement Ceremony 2018

event description

Celebration of the Praying to Jade Emperor falls on 9th day of 1st month of Lunar New Year & it is an extremely important event for the Believers. The Jade Emperor (Yù Huáng or Yù Dì) in Chinese culture, traditional religions & myth is the first god (tài dì). The Jade Emperor is known by many names, such as Heavenly Grandfather (Tiān Gōng), which originally meant “Heavenly Duke” or the Great Emperor of Jade (Yu Huang Shangdi or Yu Huang Dadi).

There are several crucial Luck Enhancement activities to be carried out during the Praying to Jade Emperor event.

  • Lion Dance & Fortune God Arrival to bless Believers with luck.
  • Offerings to Jade Emperor in celebration on this important event.
  • Crossing the Fire Bridge to ward off all bad luck & greet the good luck & fortune
  • Initiation of light to Feng Shui products or ornaments, car plates, business tags & any business related items for abundance luck blessings
  • Burning of offerings representing Jade Emperor’s Gowns, Generals’ Gowns, Golden & Silver paper money, supporters etc.
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