Feng Shui Tips For Chinese Zodiac Rat 2016

Richard Tay


People born in year of Rat being intelligent, timid, careful and resourceful need much alteration and well planned schedule to achieve new goals and clear obstacles in the path of career, wealth and relationship.

Here are some of the Feng Shui Tips For Chinese Zodiac Rat 2016. Although Rat friends are surrounded by many Fierce Disastrous Stars, the key culprit is the “White Tiger” that brings injury, car accident, legal matters, surgery and funeral.

However the Bad Stars are neutralized and can be wounded since the Rat is the one of the good combination namely Monkey, Rat, Dragon summing to the Water formation. For those driving to be more careful & alert.


The Rat should look for breakthrough by taking a bolder step for career and wealth in 2016. There is no room for distractions or procrastination.  The Rat needs to be more alert on a faster pace. If looking for new advancement or job, Rat friend needs to upgrade by taking courses or new skills. Benefactors will be there to provide you with the connection link. Innovation may give the Rat success in term of wealth pursuing.


In the Family and Love Relationship category, the Rat is committed & family oriental, willing to do anything to please his nearest or dearest kin. Rats are very caring & loving to parents. However, due to the influence of the Dispute & Conflict Star, the Rat can feel very insecure, requiring move attention, affection and may easily get emotional, jealous and subsequently starting unnecessary arguments.

It is a good time for the rat to enter new love relationship for those who are single. Take initiative steps for a start, like making friends in a community.

Health needs attention especially with regards to abdominal organs, kidney, pancreas & urinary system.

Tips: Wearing a Jade or Golden Dragon will enhance Luck for those favoring the Water Element.