Feng Shui Tips For Chinese Zodiac Snake 2016

Richard Tay


People born in year of Snake are independent, very active and not afraid of hard work & prompt with ideas to make things work for them. Snake and Monkey are good combination therefore, Snake friends can expect many auspicious Stars supporting in 2016 and have a year of good fortune and smooth riding.

Unlucky Stars such as dispute, gossip are there to hinder your path. The Snake has to stay caring and yielding maintain peace and harmony with people around you.


The advice is the more you plough the more you sow the more you will harvest . Wealth could be flourishing but requires ones’ careful management of the resources.

Progress at work is expected to increase income or promotion. Strong relationship skill are present to help clear obstacles with the support of benefactors.


Snake is easier to find matches for those who are single but require one to take the initiative. As love is in the air for the snake it is good to enhance existing relationship any extra “venom spits” over may result in complication entangled relationship so do bear in mind. The Snake must beware of potential extramarital relationship.

In Health category, the Snake has to watch out for wrong intake of medicine or food, gastric, diarrhoea, food poising, over eating, smoking or over drinking.