Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Rabbit in 2016

Richard Tay


People born in year of Rabbit have good career, relationship & Benefactors Star in year 2016. This star does make the rabbit popular & motivated.

Here are some of the Feng Shui Tips For Chinese Zodiac Rabbit 2016. Although there are Benefactors Star, there is also Explosive Failure Star requiring him to stay humble & clear minded so that he will not get overboard into making lethal mistake or decision.

Here are some of the Feng Shui Tips For Chinese Zodiac Rat 2016. Although Rat friends are surrounded by many Fierce Disastrous Stars, the key culprit is the “White Tiger” that brings injury, car accident, legal matters, surgery and funeral.

However the Bad Stars are neutralized and can be wounded since the Rat is the one of the good combination namely Monkey, Rat, Dragon summing to the Water formation. For those driving to be more careful & alert.


Overall rabbit have the benefits to opportunities & foresight to acquire reputation & wealth. Witty & intelligent of the rabbit will make him a mentor or adviser to may peaceful & calm nature will away unnecessary argument & conflict.

Overall the relationship skill is what it require whether its is to enhance relationship with existing or new boss.

Business relationship tends to get good co-cooperative result priority of the rabbit is to build reputation & fumble that will create vast wealth opportunities, new career path or money making plan should be explore & execute.


In Family And Relationship category, for married couples, going for a surprise tour holiday for celebration is one of the ways to improve bonding. New romance requires the Rabbit to take the initiative. Opposite sex will get attracted to you and be mindful of extra marital or lustful affair.

Health wise, please be careful on and watch out for any relapse of old illness.