Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Pig 2016

Richard Tay


People born in year of Pig are basically honest good conversationalist speaking truthfully to the point. They hate hypocrisy and uphold law & justice. Despite many unlucky stars surrounding the pig, there are also many good stars that act as antidote where most negative effect are being averted. The presence of the Merit Star requires one to acquire merits through good deeds i.e.. charity donation voluntary of social work etc.


Increase pressure  in workload tense to fasten the pace getting the pig out of his comfort zone. Career seems bright as superior are please with the performance. Plenty of opportunities require careful selection and planning to turn it into successful money making dream.


Lacking of good star and busy in work schedule will expect short-lived relationships. One should enhance relationship by opening dialogue to clear any doubts or misunderstanding thereby gaining trust & understanding. Avoid spiteful hurting words of blame or anger. Be tolerant and remain faithful to your love one or spouse .


Health should watch out for diabetes, high blood pressure and should cut intake of alcohol