Feng Shui Tips For Chinese Zodiac Monkey 2016

Richard Tay


People born in year of  Monkey. Unpredictable calamities is expected when one monkey meet another. Being a menace require you to stay positive & calm keeping a very low profile  & exercise great care.
However surprising developments are possible having the right mind set & steady pace.


The Monkey with big loss star, lawsuit & conflicting star. One should plan carefully in term  of financial activities. Be thrifty doing  charity in time of difficulties will strengthen the mind to expect a turn for the luck to get better


For unattached seems good chance of meeting  one with quick blossoming result. Marriage couples will be affected in this challenging time of difficulties. Refrain from hurtful words but instead require both to embrace encouraging each other to make stronger bonding on times of trouble.


Overall health is good but should pay attention to injury to both limbs or sprained ankles, liver gall bladder to look out for.

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