Feng Shui Tips For Chinese Zodiac Dog 2016

Richard Tay


People born in year of Dog are loyalty anxiety alert and very straight forward. Unknowingly they could be impulsively bark that turn into growl when agitated.

Here are some of the Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Dog 2016. Surrounded by many unlucky Stars and mishap tension tense to build up. Most influencing blood seeking hound Star is on the prowl significance of bloodshed, from injury, violence, car accident surgery or cuts.

Great care is expected to keep himself calm at all times despite sudden events. Great care to be taken while driving with full focus make sure no hand phones, no drink drive, no speeding or beating the red light.

A highly recommended remedy is to donate blood or go for blood test. Volatility is certain one should stay low profile and avoid trouble with the law.


Many disastrous Stars amidst two good Stars namely Heavenly Antidote and Upgrade Skill. The Big Loss Star denotes one must refrain from risky investment activities and gambling. Career advancement may be stalled.

Pressure builds up at work is expected as bosses and peers become more demanding and at times unreasonable but the Dog should stay calm loyal and diligent at all times. Despite many setback one should not loose hope, instead should tighten the belt controlling expenses out to money gain. Be thrifty and save for rainy days. A better tomorrow attitude is required.

The Dog may get the Blue Rhino and get it blessed by Feng Shui Master Richard Tay to ward off the inauspicious Stars & breakthrough all obstacles, hence, enhancing & improving Career energy.


Love Romance relationship should expect a dive. You need to give more care attention affection and time for your love ones instead of focusing on problems Restraint yourself from venting anger. Frustration. Any minor dispute may manifest into a major conflict.


Careful of depression, injury or bleeding. Avoid dangerous sport and drive with care no hand phone no speeding no alcohol and no beat red light.