Fengshui Tips For Homes

Richard Tay

The management of Feng Shui remedies should start on day of establishing Spring, that is 4th February 2016. However, it is very important to place the Feng Shui items on a very auspicious date so that it benefits the owner and does not generate any adverse effect. Here are some Feng Shui Tips for Homes 2016.

Starting from removing clutter obstacles, untidiness, clearing any obstruction, discarding damaged items or spoiled old moldy fungus stains, old unwanted stuff inviting good positive energy into the home and making the house surroundings such as driveway gardens install with vibrant healthy happy glowing energy.

As the Heavenly Stem for the year is Yang Fire Element with Earthly Stem of majority Metal Element along with Earth & Water, we therefore recommend Elements that can complement, enhance and benefit from the residing Stars. Our most recommended auspicious Elements for Feng Shui Tips For Homes 2016 are as follows:

1) Earth
2016 Earth regardless whether it is beneficial base on your Bazi tends to be the best and preferential usage for the year. As fire fertilize the soil elements associate to it tends to bring bountiful benefits as Feng Shui enhancer. 
Earth Element Color: Beige, Brown, Yellow.
Representation: Stability foundation items, stone ornament, artifacts of auspicious beast or symbols. Crystal stones, rock sculpture, porcelain art, pottery, feature wall, image or painting of mountain

2) Water
2016 Water energy that counteracts or eliminates fire tends to bring abundance wealth.
Water Element Color: Blue, Black,  Grey
Representation: Grey representing purity flow, abundance, freshness, wealth, rejuvenating Fountain, water feature, pond, aquarium, painting of waterfall, water, vase, lotus or bamboo in water. As we enter the period 8 (4th Feb 2004 till 2024) the placement of water inside or outside the house is very crucial as it bring in wealth life and health energy.However it is important to be located in the correct position that is favourable to the owner which requires the service of a professional Fengshui Master.

3) Fire
Fire Element Color:
 Red, Maroon, Pink, Orange, Violet.
Representation: Energy, creativity, success, glory, happy, joy, romance, passion, sexual desire. Items: Lighting to windows or reflector of lights, candles stove, fire place, heater.

4) Wood
Wood Element Color: Green represents health abundance, growth vitality, prosperity or education.
Items: healthy plants, green items, flowers, images of forest, rugs

5) Metal
In 2016, it will be wise to refrain from usage of Metal. Minimize the use if possible for eliminating or neutralizing bad energies. 
Metal Element Color: White, silver, gold, bronze, metallic that represents Clarity, protection, security, discipline, sharpness and precision.
Items: Metal ornaments statue, weapon , singing bowl, music box , Gold or coins